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Bermondsey Blue People's Mural

The Blue Market - Bermondsey SE16


Work commenced on the Bermondsey Blue People’s Mural in mid-April 2022 and was completed early June.

This mural will take its place beside the other great London murals painted with the unique Keim mineral paint system which have become well known landmarks in our great city.

The mural - 50’x30’ (15.6mx9.3m) in the car park next to the Blue market, celebrates the history and life of Bermondsey; it’s role at the heart of the industrial revolution in 19th century Britain; it’s miraculous transformation into a showcase for the greening of urban space (which in 1931 the Evening Standard called ‘The most optimistic place in London’); its miraculous recovery from the ravages of the Second World War - and its current life and times.

The mural is designed by Paul Butler who has painted or restored five of the Keim London murals working with Linda Jane James with input from local artists Moses Kanneh, Laura Hudson.  The mural was painted by Paul and Linda with the assistance of Moses Kanneh and Morgan Paton.

The artists would like to thank the pupils and staff at Galleywall and Redriff primary schools, the City of London Academy and the Globe Academy for their ideas and images.

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