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Moses Kanneh

Paul Butler

Mural Design and Lead

Laura Hudson

Schools and research

Linda Jane James

Schools and Research
Design and
Mural Painting

Morgan Paton

Mural Painting Assistant

My art practice centres around people and figures.  In this mural I wanted to bring out a sense of the ordinary and extraordinary lives of people in Bermondsey.  A mural about the people, for the people.

I wanted to draw out the people of Bermondsey who had an influence on its social change and the environment, something that could tell the story of the importance of taking care and working together toward a brighter, more sustainable future that came across as so important in our workshops with young people.

My art practice focuses on drawing and painting as a strategy to make sense of our socio-political context, our multiple connections and cultural continuities.  I live in Bermondsey and as an edible horticulturalist I am interested in celebrating our sustainable future through food

I combine storytelling and art to create works that are strange and mysterious that have a tale to tell.  For this project I wanted to contribute towards the storytelling aspect of this mural by remembering those that have made Bermondsey so special, both the young and the old, past and present for all future generations to look back and see its rich history.

Moses Kanneh

School and Research
Mural Painting Assistant

Morgan joins the team to supprt the realisation of the image on the wall.  He worked with Paul and Linda recently on the restoration of the Brixton Nuclear Dawn Mural.

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