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Work on the Clerkenwell Green Mural commenced and completed in November 2022

This mural was commissioned by Islington Bourough Council to highlight the rich history of Clerkenwell Green.

Pupils from Hugh Myddleton Primary School worked with artists X and Xx and history teacher Kate xx to develop some of the input that the children would then go on to use in the mural.  Paul Butler created a design to incporporate the pupils images to create vibrant and ecclectic narrative of the stories of Clerkenwell Green.


Linda Jane James assisted in the painting of the mural and worked with the pupils to realise their images.

The mural is designed by Paul Butler who has painted or restored five of the Keim London murals working with Linda Jane James.

The artists would like to thank the pupils and staff at Hugh Myddleton Primary for their support, ideas and images.

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