Linda Jane James working with the possibility that exists in everything to be remade/seen differently/reused/re-connected/re-invented.
Linda has worked as artist in residence exhibiting her work and responding to a number of different environments including architect practices and national parks and delivered many self initiated projects relating to spaces and places in education settings.

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Linda studied for a fine art degree at Surrey Institute of Art and Design, gaiing a first class BA Hons in 2004. Drawn towards the thrown away, the debris and fragments of life lived, ‘the detached leftovers of our progress …as a source of all that is valuable’. Creating a space for stillness and reflection from the processes of upheaval, destruction and renewal. A practice that is about being present and sensitive to our surroundings and the natural order of things. Connecting; protecting; erasing; removing; rescuing; testing the boundaries of time and space. An endless cycle of creation, destruction and re-making.

Inspired by the writings of Richard Mabey and ‘The Unofficial Countryside’
I think of my work as ‘Memorials to the processes of weather and the complex entaglements of predatory humans and indifferent nature’. Exploring the ‘transitional quality of unwritten places, accounting for loss’, creating work that may ‘scratch our consciousness’, creating ‘a record of what is left behind of our shame in failing to resist’.

What is of value and what do we mean by progress? What do we make of those things deemed useless and undervalued, the marginal, the imperfect, the transient and the fragile? With the end comes the beginning. From a moment, the movement of light, a breeze, an event, a conversation, a 'find' of any sort, how can we breathe new life, nurture new journeys, see things from a different perspective?

Making sense of the nonsense we throw away or take for granted, and standing up for the environment.
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